Wireless Internet:

No Broadband where you are?

We can fix that for you, by utilizing  Motorola Canopy equipment and Scorch Communications Ltd as Internet Service Provider (ISP) giving you "high speed, always on" internet, E-mail and Internet telephone (VoIP).

All wireless and no phone line needed, and you do not miss phone calls.

Motorola Canopy access-point

How does it work?

The wireless modem on the outside of your house connects to an Access-point on a high point using radio-waves with a frequency of 5.7 GHz.

The output of the modem connects to the Ethernet port of your computer. The modem is powered from inside your house, either with 24 V dc or 240 Volt mains and measures only 300 x 90 x 35 mm.

The modem has a number of security-features build-in to protect your computer from unauthorized access.

Scorch Communications Ltd has wireless access points at these locations, if you can see one of them, you too can have broadband.

  • Marleys Hill (Christchurch area)
  • Mt. Grey (Leithfield to Omihi area)
  • Mt. Alexander (45 Km circle around Mt Alexander)
  • Wallace Peak (Hanmer area)
  • Pendle Hill (Greta Road, Blythe-valley, Domett area) 
  • Beltana (Cheviot, Parnassus, Conway area)
  • One-tree-hill (Parnassus, Leader-road area)

The type of modem used on the outside of your house depends on the "line of sight" distance to the Access-point:

  • Canopy modem only.Up to 12 Km.
  • Canopy modem with Stinger antenna.Up to 16 Km.
  • Canopy modem with dish-antenna.Up to 45 Km.

The Motorola Canopy modems can also be used for:

We can also set-up a WiFi network in your house to suit your needs.